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Powwow clearing Horseshoe Lake 3 portage south
by Magrockt

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 10/22/2016
Entry & Exit Point: Lake One (EP 30)
Number of Days: 2
Group Size: 2
Trip Introduction:
Last year I hiked from Isabella to Pose Lake on the Powwow trail. This year I wanted to see Rock of Ages lake on the Powwow trail just south of Lake 3 and Horseshoe lake. I recruited my 15 yr old son and off we went to clear trail.
Just wanted to do one last trip this fall with my son and I. Also wanted to do some Powwow trail hiking and clearing so we headed into Lake One #30.  We left Rock Creek at 330 am and arrived at the entry just before sunrise, 730am.  What a peaceful paddle down through Lake One, Two, and Three.  Found the 5 star site across from the Horseshoe portage. We set up our hammocks, had some lunch and packed up for trail work.  A short crossing to the portage and we stashed the canoe off to the side.  The Powwow crosses right at horseshoe lake.  The northern path has a warning sign with "notes" written below reading "Welcome to Hell" very reassuring, but then we were heading south.  A beautiful trail through a cedar and pine forest.  We cleared a couple large red pine blowdowns before even reaching the vista and the burn area.  Another massive pine blowdown had the trail detoured down by the lake. We climbed to the overlook and the trail almost disappeared.  We cleared and cut hundreds of dead cedars and poplars over the next two hrs. My son was tiring in the full sun so I kept pushing on to the top of the hill.  Just more of the same.  My Bigboy saw pinched and I nicked my finger. We decided to call it and head back for proper bandage.  We met four guys hiking to the overlook on our way out.  Hopefully they decided to go a little further!  Well it was a bit of a letdown to not make it to Rock of Ages but we were able to extend the cleared portion about a half mile.  We enjoyed relaxing in camp the rest of the day.  Rain came at 4 am.  We paddled out in it too.  I'm so proud of my son for his persistence and patience. What a great trip.  Can't wait till snow camping now!