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Beaches, flowers & storms
by TuscaroraBorealis

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 06/08/2017
Entry Point: Brant Lake (EP 52)
Exit Point: Missing Link Lake (EP 51)  
Number of Days: 10
Group Size: 4
Trip Introduction:
Usually our spring trips have started in mid to late May. Since Aurora is now school age, we needed to push our entry date back a few weeks to allow her to finish out the year. Eager anticipation is always an integral element leading up to every trip we've done. But, factoring in all the life changing events just prior to this adventure served to fuel inject the situation. Vickie's brother Brad would be joining us on this trip, thus presenting Aurora the opportunity to make her first meaningful paddle strokes. There would be other meaningful firsts as well; as we looped through the area just south & west of Tuscarora Lodge and Outfitters who, once again, got us off in fine fashion.
Day 1 of 10
Thursday, June 08, 2017

Not very long after booking this trip we'd made the momentous decision to quit our jobs and move up to the Iron Range. As fate would have it, our trip is sandwiched smack dab in the middle of all this chaos. Not knowing what the future might hold, and feeling it would be a much needed break from reality, we determine to make this trip happen. As our trip nears, Vickie has already taken a new position and has been staying with my parents for the past few weeks until we close on our house. Aurora & I stay back in Eden Valley so she can finish out the school year.

We are literally still living out of boxes as we drive to Duluth to pick up Uncle Brad at the bus depot. From there it's a pleasant drive up the shore with only a short stop in Grand Marais to fuel up and grab some last second items. Since it is still quite early; after grabbing lunch at Trail Center, we drive back down the trail a bit to check out Honeymoon Bluff.

Afterwards, as we proceed on to Tuscarora Lodge & Outfitters,Vickie and Brad (who are in a separate vehicle ahead of us) just miss seeing a moose cow trot across the road in front of Aurora and I. Not a bad way to start our adventure but, unfortunate that Brad misses out. Once at Tuscarora, before getting settled in our bunkhouse, we grab our permit and chat with Andy who, per usual, is full of awesome advice & stories. Later, we lazily explore the lakeshore area before calling it a night.