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EP 14 Lynx lake
by burck17

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 06/02/2017
Entry & Exit Point: Little Indian Sioux River (north) (EP 14)
Number of Days: 5
Group Size: 2
Trip Introduction:
This was my and my buddies first trip to the BWCA and we both had limited paddling experience but we both have willpower and determination to get us through the trip.
Trip really started the 1st as we got off work snagged a few (2) hrs of sleep after our 14 hour shift and began the 8 hour drive to ely. Upon arrival we grabbed a quick breakfast and piragis got us squared away on a canoe. We mad it to EP 14 and got our gear down to the water with no incident. Then the challenge began we struggled to get into the canoe the first time and I ended up waist deep in water. But the other people waiting encouraged us and we made it happen. We started paddling and zig zagging across the river before we figured out how to somewhat steer effectively. Finally after many more portage's we made in to lynx lake we hit the parking lot at 1100 and made it to lynx at about 1700. We were slow and did single portages but carried the canoe one man in front one in back. We would learn better eventually.

We got camp set up by 1800 ate and got fishing from the camp on lynx at site close to heritage portage on the bay. Unfortunately someone left the place a mess and we did our best to clean it up. After that small delay we were catching smallmouth from the bank. We retired early that night.

Next day we head into hustler lake and that was great fishing all along the bank to the small island as you head towards emerald lake portage we we're nailing smallmouth and got a nice northern. We planned to hit emerald lake but the trail in has some bad blowdown trees. So we just walked it and ate lunch at emerald and I fished long enough to catch about a 5 inch bluegill in emerald. Then we continue to fish hustler and fish on Ruby and catch a good amount of smallmouth. We head back in and that was a day for us. On the way back is where we discovered how much easier it is to portage with the canoe on your shoulders

Next day we planned to go up to yodeler lake but the trail up there again was to rough so we skipped and fished heritage hard. We stuggled to get fish on heritage but finally caught a few smallmouth. Then we had lunch at the camp right by where pagent creek enters heritage (wow what a great camp). After lunch we made it a good ways up pagent creek till we hit a Beaver dam for fun we got out here and explored and ran up a rocky hill. While we were up the hill we saw a storm rolling in so we started heading back. On the way back we heard thunder and realized we better make some speed. This is where we realized how much better our paddling skill had gotten we made it to camp in no time and the storm never hit our camp.

Next significant event was us deciding to head to upper pauness the day before we leave to shorten our last day. We then depart at 0900 and I remember how long this trip was first time and am hoping we have time to see devil's Cascade after setting up camp. Well we were so much more efficient if I recall it only took us till 1200 to make it there and that was taking a meal break waiting for people at a portage who we passed cause they were triple portaging. We set up camp at the site between the 2 portage's on upper pauness that was further north and was only a 2 star for good reason and went back to see devil's Cascade. Well worth the side trip, and then we got back at 1500 from that and fished. We got several northern along the bank between our camp and the next north on Daredevil and mepps spinners. We then put on mini bushwacker spinners and fished the area out from our camp to the southern portage. We picked up tons of northerns this way and 3 jumbo perch.

Last day we left early and were on the way to piragis from the parking lot by 0700.

Overall impression loved it would never leave if that was an option.

Lessons learned. Don't pack so much clothes we both had 2 sets of clothes pants we never touched. Your going to get wet so accept it and wear shorts that's what we did the whole time and if it got cold or in morning we wore our military issued gortex gear and it worked like a charm. We could have saved weight that way. Also listen to people on how to portage the proper method would have saves us tons of effort. And lastly make sure both members bring sunblock I brought a small one for me and we ran out with a whole day left resulting in moderate sunburns.

Luckily we both have backpacking experience from hunting and just camping in general and I can say that I don't see how people are ok with packing so much stuff in, if I can't carry it in one trip it's not important enough to bring is my attitude.

Hope you enjoyed the report~Lynx Lake, Heritage Lake, Hustler Lake, Emerald Lake, Ruby Lake, Shell Lake, Little Shell Lake, Upper Pauness Lake, Lower Pauness Lake

Lakes Traveled:   Lynx Lake, Heritage Lake, Hustler Lake, Emerald Lake, Ruby Lake, Shell Lake, Little Shell Lake, Upper Pauness Lake, Lower Pauness Lake,