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Sandy Beach @ Bog Lake
by Magrockt

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 07/08/2017
Entry & Exit Point: Bog Lake (EP 67)
Number of Days: 2
Group Size: 2
Trip Introduction:
Our family adopted the bog Lake entry point, so after an early summer trimming, I brought the wife up to check it out.
 We like to do last minute trips and this was no different.  I packed up by 1030 pm and we headed out at 5 am.  The permit was waiting at Maple Grove Bait and tackle by Finla d Mn.  Another hour + up to Tomahawk Rd and then Bog Lake entrance rd.  Apparently no overnight Saturday night entry permits have been used this season. 

  The portage is about 300 rds now and quite tiring with a Royalex canoe.  We double portaged to be able to scout the trail on the way back and forth.  Loaded up around noon, we headed across the small southern bay to locate to one open campsite on the no exit lake.  Our new Voyageur map shows three site on the northern shore.  These are all burnt and NOT open according to FS. With a little searching the overlook we located the campsite up the western shoreline.  Wow an underused gem in the BWCA.  It was nice seeing trails with moss on the rocks and down trees pristine. 

After setting up our hammocks and tarps, some afternoon showers threatened and delivered.  No matter - by 7 pm a beautiful evening arrived.  We paddled the northern shore over to the eastern sandy beach.  
A stiff wind out of the north came up so we headed back across some pretty rough water. A bit of hard paddling to ensure a good nights sleep I say!  Well it sure was an awesome full moon display that evening. 
I awoke to dripping on the tarp so we slept on till 830 am. Happy Birthday to me so I enjoyed to drying morning.  Mysteriously a red canoe appeared and stayed across the lake  Just day trippers from Wi. as we saw back at the portage start.  They seemed to be staking out our departure from across the lake.  We loaded up and paddled a loop back to the landing.  Single portage out and another successful trip.