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kicking the fledglings out of the nest...
by dogwoodgirl

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 07/17/2018
Entry & Exit Point: Kawishiwi Lake (EP 37)
Number of Days: 5
Group Size: 4
Trip Introduction:
As I've gotten older, I realized that my son and god-daughter have NEVER camped without me. They love to camp and canoe.....but they've lacked the motivation or guts or something to just get out there without me. It's started to bother me.....what will they do when I'm gone? Will they just stop? And who do I give all my gear too? You know, existential questions like that. So I threatened to kick them out of the nest, so to say...paddle out there with them, spend one night, and return without them....all in the guise of training a puppy to canoe camp. I wasn't sure she would be good in the canoe, good in the tent, any of it. They kinda panicked and the deal making began....what if we did ALL the work, and you just sat around in your camp chair and offered advice when we had questions? They admitted finally that they were nervous to do it alone, and I admitted that I'd been a control freak in camp up til now, and we had a deal!
Day 1 of 5
Tuesday, July 17, 2018

We drove up to The Cliff Dweller for the night, after stuffing ourselves silly at the Rustic Inn on the way up. Some day I will save enough room for a piece of pie, I swear! My new pup, Amelia, rode in the truck with me, with the Prism on top and our packs in the bed. My son Jesse, god daughter Alex, and her son Nick (age 10), drove up as a group...getting used to traveling as a team! We had an early night, and slept well.