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1st Winter Trip
by KarlK

Trip Type: Hiking
Entry Date: 03/14/2020
Entry & Exit Point: Daniels Lake (EP 61)
Number of Days: 3
Group Size: 1
Trip Introduction:
These days, summer trips are just not possible. I decided to try a quick winter trip to Daniels lake.
Day 1 of 3
Saturday, March 14, 2020

I arrived at the parking area off Hungry Jack road in the early afternoon. It was warm, clear and calm. The hike across Hungry Jack was easy, despite the heavy sled I was towing. In soft snow conditions, I would have needed to shuttle smaller loads using snowshoes. The portage to Daniels was also very easy, and travel conditions worsened only slightly on Daniels. I made my way east about 1/3rd of a mile to a point on the south shore.  I drilled a hole in about 40 feet of water, set a tip-up with a live minnow and drilled my way toward shore.  I found a steeper break and set up a small Otter hub shelter in about 28'. Weather was great but fishing was tough, with only 1 fish marked before I called it a night.