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21st consecutive and vicious squirrels
by BigTim

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 06/22/2020
Entry & Exit Point: Meeds Lake (EP 48)
Number of Days: 7
Group Size: 2
Trip Introduction:
Our 21st consecutive trip to BWCA. After last year's September trip consisting of rain, cold, and one fish, we decided to base camp on Meeds. We've paddled thru Meeds a number of times towards Henson and Gaskin - but always wished to spend time on this beauty.
21st annual Father/Son fishing trip.

Fishing was awesome. Caught plenty of Bass and a few Northerns.

Ate fish tacos and fish dinner.

Pistachio pudding with cookie crumbles for dessert!

Beautiful living room view with awesome sunsets.

And the squirrels..... First couple of days, they were cute and friendly. Ran around camp like they owned the place (they did!). By the 3rd day, they became increasingly fearless. Went into our food pack while cooking - and ate thru a package of tortillas. Tried to steal a crankbait lure - we chased it off and retrieved the lure. Thought that was over. Next morning, the lure was nowhere to be found. Squirrels weren't talking..... Additionally, they ate our coffee creamer, chewed thru an 8 oz bottle of oil, and chewed thru the dishwashing soap container. We bring a hard plastic rubbermaid container for the stove, reels, and gravity bag filter - and they chewed through that as well. Finally, they chewed thru a small fanny pack we store the camp saw and camp hatchet. They certainly tried to get at the food bag hanging between trees, but that proved too much of a challenge.

We prepared for rain, had none. We prepared for chilly temps, had none. The mile portage between Poplar and Meeds was long - but not as tough as some have said. We give it an 8 due to the length. First island campsite on Meeds was wonderful. We give it 4 stars. We agree that the two landing areas are rocky - but once you figure out the south side entry rock, it was not that bad. Watched a cow and and calf 2x. Watched a huge beaver swimming around. Had a 1st time experience - a couple of canoes were slowing paddling on the shore between Meeds and Caribou. Heard one fellow scream and yell followed by a few minutes of a high pitched whistle. We thought we heard him yell "Dog!" After a short discussion, we agreed we'd like help if we were searching for a dog. We paddled hard against the wind and caught up with the group. We were told they were just frustrated with the heat.......I can assure you, if you scream out loud while in ear shot of other BWCA campers, someone will come by and offer help. Save the frustration screams for your own backyard please. Had another 1st timer - a couple staying on the last campsite towards Swallow lake paddled over to our living room. Asked us if we "barter." Of course. They forgot their lighter and offered a small bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream. Sold!

We observed a steady trail of canoes throughout the week. Very busy. Hope everyone is following all BWCA rules and regulations!

Finally, we bunked at Rockwood the night before. Mike and Carl are awesome! Always first class. We highly recommend!

Can't wait 'til number 22! Regards.