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Fishing Trip To The Boundary Waters
by rdgbwca

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 09/07/2020
Entry & Exit Point: Homer Lake (EP 40)
Number of Days: 3
Group Size: 4
Trip Introduction:
On our first trip to the boundary waters, all my two oldest sons (now thirteen and ten) wanted to do was fish. So, this year I planned a fishing trip. My friend Sergey made the trip with us. The plan was for four nights of base camping on Vern Lake after entering at Homer Lake.
This is the lessons learned report.

The full day by day report is on my website.

Lessons Learned

Things To Do Differently

Use the hatchet safely.

Holding the round to be split with a stick is the safe way. Another safe way would be to use the hatchet as a splitting maul. Instead of swinging the hatchet, the head is placed on the round to be split. Then the head of the hatchet is struck with a log.

Leave Wool Blanket At Home

We packed in an old USGI surplus wool blanket. These blankets will add extra warmth. However, my sons moved around so much at night that by the morning the blanket was on the floor of the tent next to them instead of covering them. It was not worth its weight to pack in.

No More Wet Footing in September

I wet footed on my previous September trip. I wet footed on this trip. The water temp was fine for wading and wet footing. However, on the second day when the air temp was in the 40s, I found myself trying to keep my feet dry. I would bring muck boots or hip waders if I go in September again.

Things That Went Well

Bagels and Cream Cheese

I brought bagels and cream cheese. This was a nice change of pace from oatmeal. I froze the bagels and packed them in a soft sided cooler. I tried to make block ice out of plastic bottles of 100% juice. However, this ice was the first that melted. Ultimately, I didn’t need to worry about the cream cheese going off though because of the cold temps.

Mac and Cheese

The four cheese variety of Bear Creek mac and cheese worked well. It is a just add water side dish. We had tried it once before our trip. It tasted pretty good and was eaten without leaving any leftovers. I can’t speak to other varieties, they seem to have bad reviews and I haven’t tried them.

Night Crawlers

Night crawlers are a viable plan B. We were able to catch small mouth bass, walleye and northern pike using night crawlers under a slip bobber.

Removable Portage Yoke

My oldest son was able to portage his own canoe on this trip. The clamp on portage yoke from North Star Canoe did its job.

Wool Gloves

We brought wool gloves to keep our hands warm. They served us well.

Puffy Throw Blanket

On the two coldest nights, I used a down puffy blanket (from Costco) for added warmth. I think I would have been warm enough in my 20 degree bag but the extra blanket kept me toasty warm.~Homer Lake, Vern Lake

Lakes Traveled:   Homer Lake, Vern Lake,