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Slim Lake
by birdonbats

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 09/06/2021
Entry Point: Slim Lake (EP 6)
Exit Point: Slim Lake (EP 6)  
Number of Days: 4
Group Size: 2
Trip Introduction:
I wanted to take my son fishing for his 24th birthday.
I wanted to take my son fishing for his 24th birthday. Unfortunately, I was late in reserving and there were not too many Ely entry points available to me. So I chose Slim Entry #6. I knew we would fish it hard so I figured we would be okay...right? We put in about 40 man hours of fishing and caught 24 small smallmouth. We'd never seen anything like it. Not one of decent size and not any other species. We kept and ate the largest 3 and threw the rest back. These three just were enough for one wonderful dinner. We had the entire lake to ourselves and did not see another soul the entire time...which we really liked. The lake is larger than I was expecting and actually very pretty. We stayed at campsite #2 and while the view is great, the site could use a few more logs around to sit on and set things on. Saw loons and beavers swim in front of us several times. We set up our tent in one of the pads deeper in the woods and then we looked up and decided if there was some strong wind, that dead tree could potentially fall on us, so we decided to play it safe and move to a different pad. Good thing we did. It stormed in the middle of the night and the tree came crashing down. A large branch would have certainly damaged the tent and certainly would have injured us. Phew...there's a good reminder for the rest of you to check out your sites carefully! I'm sure there is sophomoric humor in that on the back of the latrine was "#2". Ha! Our weather was sporadic and goofy. Rain when it was sunny, then nice, then stormy. All over the map. We did manage to see a beautiful full rainbow just before the deluge. I'd recommend Slim for beginners or folks who just don't want to portage. As my son said..." It was a great trip...too bad the fishing wasn't very good".