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Nym (Batch) to Sag Fly-in
by Bastard2

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 06/04/2023
Entry Point: Quetico
Exit Point: Saganaga Lake (EP J)  
Number of Days: 7
Group Size: 2
Trip Introduction:
I first went to the BWCAW when I was 13 with the Scouts. In high school our group of friends started annual trips, and two of us are still going strong over 25 years later (we are now 42). We usually do 2 trips a year, to include a legit trip in the early summer and a "cast and blast" grouse trip in late October/early November. We've seen and done a lot over the years and I'd put us up against any of the other seasoned vets out there. Other than some overseas deployments, I've never missed a year. This trip was planned during my most recent deployment - a float plane ride from Sag to Nym and a trip back down through the Falls Chain. Any one of us here would say that difficulty and the unexpected is a matter of "when" not "if." Our ticket got punched on this trip, but we responded well. Its a trip neither of us will soon forget...
Day 1 of 7
Sunday, June 04, 2023 Jon picked me up around 1230 hours. Very hot and dry spring day. Disappointed about the fire ban but talked to the park supervisor who stated that it was the result of a combination of dry weather in and around the park and resource shortages of firefighters that are in neighboring Manitoba and Quebec fighting active fires. We've had plenty of days of bad air quality with smoke coming down from the north this spring, so it is understandable.

Voyageur Canoe Outfitters was expecting us around 1800 so we didn't make any stops other than for fuel. Got up the Gunflint by 1815. Young couple with twin girls are now running the place. Stayed in Lynx bunk house. Matt threw in two pizzas for us and we drank a few too many beers as we looked over the maps and did one last shakedown of gear. The word is that the skeeters are the worst anyone remembers. Yes, there are quite a few but our clothes and some gear are treated with permethrin and this isn't our first rodeo. Time will tell.

Met two couples from Ohio that think our trip sounds nuts. They might be right.

We stayed up too late talking about important things. Jon can't win a cribbage game to save his life.