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Fishing with Dad
by brf043f

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 06/05/2013
Entry & Exit Point: Snowbank Lake Only (EP 28)
Number of Days: 4
Group Size: 2
Trip Introduction:
Took my dad, who had just retired. He was 65, and I was 35. Dad has two rebuilt shoulders, and can't left his left arm higher than the shoulder, but he had no problems at all. Snowbank Lake is big. Don't underestimate it. Check your map and compass often, as it is easy to get turned around. The lake also picks up some impressive swells in a good wind, which we encountered on the return trip. We stayed dry, but it was very interesting paddling west across the big water. We portaged to Disappointment, which is a beautiful lake. Most of the campsites were full, but we made camp in the first one on the south edge, which was a good camp, generally. Small but soft canoe landing. Mosquitos were thick. Saw lots of wildlife every day -- snowshoe hares, grouse drumming in the woods, bald eagle and gulls at camp, and many varieties of ducks. Fishing in Disappointment was decent, probably 7/10 for smallmouth bass. Walleye weren't hitting at all, but the outfitter told us they probably wouldn't due to them feeding on bug larvae that particular time of year. We portaged over to Parent Lake to check out the fishing. Fishing there was excellent, 10/10, for bass. We caught at least fifty fish during our first day, including 8-10 fish in excess of three pounds. Simply wonderful smallmouth fishing. Also caught a few largemouth in the SE cove. Dad hooked and surfaced a big northern, probably in the 10 lb range, but we he got off before we could land him. Caught most of the bass on spinnerbaits, Rebel minnows, Rapala originals, and x-raps. The third day, we tried to find the portage to Ahsub Lake on the north cove of Disappointment, but could not locate it successfully. Ahsub supposed to have brook trout, but they were safe from us this time. It was a great trip. Good weather, heavy bugs, at all the fish we could hold each day.