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Cousins in Quetico
by BonzSF

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 08/21/2023
Entry Point: Quetico
Exit Point: Moose Lake (EP 25)  
Number of Days: 12
Group Size: 4
Trip Introduction:
First trip into Quetico. The cousins return to take on Canada. The two cousins, Martin and Tim meet up for our annual August assault. We have decided that this is to be a yearly thing for us. The other brothers were too busy or something so they were not there. But little sister Liz was ready for another try. She went on Martin's first trip but they got little lost and weren't able to do the planned loop. 10 Days Starting at Prairie Portage. She and her husband Rob flew out with me from SFO. Both were basically newbies and so we decided on two tandems with Martin and me captaining. Liz went in 2018 with Mart and Rob had never been canoe camping before. So we split them up and put them in the front of the canoes. We were thinking of a tandem for them and solos for Mart and me. But that wasn't going to work with two inexperienced canoe trippers. Entry through Carp lake. Up the Man Chain and back around Saganagons, Jasper, Ottertrack. Four people in Two canoes. A Northwind 18 and Wenonah Minnesota II
Day 1 of 12
Monday, August 21, 2023 The commute The usual Red-eye to Minneapolis. Leave SFO at 12:25 AM. Connect through Minneapolis and arrive in Duluth 9:45 AM. Martin is due in on the Chicago flight at 10:30 and we are all running on time. Last time I made the mistake of an aisle seat and couldn't sleep. This time I got the window seat and got slightly more sleep . But still didn’t get much, Gangplank Fever is keeping me awake. Car rented and on the road by 11:15 after Mart's later arrival. As we were driving away, we got to see a F-117 Stealth fighter flying around the airport It was in town for a special event. That was a first for me and cool to see. Arrived in Ely around 2 PM and decided to check into the Adventure Inn. No check in until 3:30 so we went to Piragis to check in there. We got everything all set and lined up for our 7 AM tow to Prairie Portage the next morning. Then back to the hotel and checked in and started to go through all the gear. Yep too much stuff again! We needed some final food stuff so off to Zups to get the rest. We did all our own food this year and went with a lot of fresh food. We ended up with 2 1/2 packs of food for 4 people in 10 days. One cold pack with all the frozen meats and other stuff (Hamburgers, New York steaks, Fillet Mignon and bratwursts) With a gallon of frozen water… or it might have been 2 Gallons. That all went in the CCS cold pack with the other cold items. Butter, cheese, lunch meats, milk, 18 eggs and some other stuff. Then another food pack that we got from the outfitter. And a smaller Granite Gear bag full. Pita bread (it doesn’t get squashed) And other stuff so I won’t bore you any more Details. Did I say we had a lot of stuff? After organizing and started packing we decided to eat before it got too late. Only thing really open was The Boathouse and it was packed. We had to wait almost a half an hour for a table. Ate then went to Piragis for a few last minute items. I got a waterproof map case because I didn't have one last time. I've decided I like to know where I am. The larger one worked great for the whole trip. Back to the hotel and finished packing. Ready to go!!

Multitudes of people seen from airports, to town to restaurants to stores. Sooo many people compared to the next 9 days.