Boundary Waters, Trip Reports, BWCA, Stories

by birdonbats

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 09/09/2023
Entry & Exit Point: Moose Lake (EP 25)
Number of Days: 4
Group Size: 4
Trip Introduction:
Birthday trip for my son that involved fishing and exploring a few seldom visited lakes
My son and I along with 2 friends got onto Moose Lake #25 at about 2pm. We wanted something new, have decent fishing, and relatively close as we knew we had a short day of paddling. So we chose Wind Lake. We could always move if Day 1 of fishing didn't pan out.

Day 2 - A beautiful fall day! Wind Lake is a busy thoroughfare in the middle of the lake, but we ended up with the last available sight on the far east side of the lake and saw no one. The following morning, my son and I fished various points and bays on wind with just a little success. Then we decided to do some exploring. We paddled to the Washte portage ( about 40 rods ) and checked it out. An incredibly large, shallow lake. Saw some swans and we fished a bit in the deepest holes we could find, but not worth the effort.  Although it's not on my map, my son insisted there was, once upon a time, a portage to Witness lake. After lots of looking, we finally found it! If interested, aim for the largest boulder on the far side of the lake. It's behind there. The portage wasn't in too bad of shape. We walked it ( about 40 rods ) and looked. My son talked me into to going back and getting the canoe and fishing poles and giving it a try. While we gave it an hour or two, we only caught 1 small perch. Too bad as it looked like it had potential. Anyway, we worked our way back to camp and ate the northern that our buddies had caught for dinner.

Day 3 - Now things get interesting. My son and buddy woke up early and fished some bays. I fished from shore and caught a 3lb smallie. They came back after a few hours and said they caught a fish on about every 4th cast! Northerns and smallies with a couple of largemouth in between. We went out and caught some more smallies ( and one walleye) before the rains came. And it rained and rained and rained from 1pm to 4am. 

Day 4 - We woke up to wet ground and cloudy skies. We fished until 11 and did ok. Maybe 6 more fish between all of us. Then we packed up and headed home. A good trip. 

Couple of notes: * Saw a loon with lure stuck in its bill. We tried to help him, but he dove when we got close. Bummer.   * Here's a new one. The new guy brought an electric razor with him and shaved in the dark around the campfire. Funny  * Lots of swans. I guess it's migration time.  * A mouse drowned in our pot of water when we weren't looking. Yuck!