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Moon Bushwhack
by PaddleAway

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 05/24/2007
Entry Point: Meeds Lake (EP 48)
Exit Point: Lizz and Swamp Lakes (EP 47)  
Number of Days: 6
Group Size: 3
Trip Introduction:
Our annual May trip took on a couple of new challenges in 2007 - a vigorous bushwhack into a new lake & a chance to see the Wilderness regenerating after a fire. And every excuse to fish!
Day 1 of 6
Thursday, May 24, 2007

We arrived at Poplar Lake without any happenings of note around 3PM on May 24th, eager to get back into the wilderness. For years my old friend John & I have been making an annual pilgrimage into the BWCA during May, & three years ago my friend Kevin joined us. The three of us set off onto Poplar under overcast skies & a gentle breeze.

I read that the portage into Meeds was long – and that’s no joke! It felt longer than the 340 rods. That’s no way to start a trip! By the time we crossed the wind had turned on us, howling out of the west. The closest campsite was taken, so we paddled to the second island campsite, mercifully empty. We set up camp quickly, gobbled down some trail mix, & settled in for the night eager for our first full day.