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Wolf Howl
by JJohnson

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 10/01/2007
Entry & Exit Point: East Bearskin Lake (EP 64)
Number of Days: 5
Group Size: 2
Trip Introduction:
First time in Boundary, did Johnson Falls loop.
Here is my entry for the October Photo Contest. It was taken in the morning looking east on East Bearskin Lake. My Girlfriend and I are avid hikers and heard so many great things about Boundary Waters that we decided to take our first trip this year. We decided to try out the popular "Johnson Falls Loop" and loved every minute of it! We will definitely be coming back next year.

About the picture: The night before our trip we were dropped off by our outfitter and stayed at one the campsites maintained by Bearskin Lodge. The site was not that great (there were far better ones already taken), but we liked it because it had easy access to a canoe launch. After setting up and eating dinner that evening I went to hang up our food. As I was throwing the rope up to a promising branch it got tangled in some leaves and smaller branches. The more I tried to free the rope, the more tangled it got. I finally had to give up (I later told the Lodge about it and they say they would take care of it). I needed to put my food up somewhere so after some brainstorming or lack there of, I decided to throw our food on the roof of one of the larger outhouses. I spent most of the night worrying about what would happen to it. I usually sleep in late when on vacation, but the next day as soon as the sun started to rise I was up and gone to the outhouse to retrieve our food. Luckily it was untouched and I struggled awhile to get it down (it was a lot easier to throw it up there). It was a nice morning and I decided to take the long route back to the campsite and lucky for me I did. The alternate path took me by the canoe launch where I saw the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen and most likely will ever see in my lifetime. I ran back to the tent to wake up my girlfriend and get my camera. I tried to convince her to get up and check out the majestic view but she just shrugged me off. I went back to the launch area, took a couple pictures then just sat quietly and took in the crisp air, sounds and view until the sun got high enough and dissipated the fog. I will never forget that morning, and I have a tangled rope to thank for it all!

Your site was most helpful in planning our trip and finding out info. I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I do.


J. Johnson