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Date/Time: 01/20/2019 09:42AM
Off Season Toboggan Storage

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wharrier 12/04/2017 08:46PM
I kept mine rolled up in the off season, then threw it in the back of my pickup, drove up north and attempted to load it. Was quite an event trying to flatten it out on snow while it was sliding around everywhere.

I still store it that way but will try to get it mostly straightened out before heading up north.
Jaywalker 05/06/2017 04:30PM
I knew from videos that BRS sleds came rolled up but it just didn't hit me to store that way. That may be a decent option for me if I don't find some better space.

Solodad, never occurred to me to uncurl the front of the sled, I wonder if anyone else does this, or has had trouble with the curls breaking? This might be a good question on Hoops site where more folks have sleds?

Mocha, that's a creative solution but I am just not sure if a home made UHMWPE toboggan would be "cool" enough to meet my interior decor standards. Unfortunately it would have to fit right between my Pinewood Derby trophies and all my assorted Participation/Good Sport Ribbons that I got for showing up to stuff.

Minnesotian 05/05/2017 10:24PM

I have a homemade 3/16" thick UHMW 8 foot sled and no storage. So, I loosen the knots and roll it up and store it on a shelf in the basement.
Soledad 05/05/2017 12:49PM
I have 3 rigid toboggans that I would love to use as shelves, but I think they would just take up too much space on the wall. I was thinking I could line up all my sleeping pads, hammocks etc. I guess mine will go up in the garage. I would suggest that if anyone does have a Black River type sled that they leave it flat and not rolled up. Especially loosen the knots in the front and let it go back to its natural flat shape. Mine snapped 2 years ago along the bend.

Gadfly 05/04/2017 11:18AM
I store mine in a loft. I would also roll mine up if I didn't have that option. A Friend of mine leaves his outside all summer and it really damages the wood and rope. My guess is the HDPE may be getting damaged as well being in the sun for long periods of time.
Mocha 05/01/2017 02:47PM
you could hang it on your wall as a decoration
tg 04/30/2017 10:06PM
If I didn't have garage rafters I would roll it up. Can probably be rolled up to 24" diameter cylinder. Easiest and safest if you let it warm up in the sun. You could use webbing or rope to tie it closed. Or stuff it in 2" moving box (about 2 bux at Home Depot). Black river ships toboggans rolled up like this.

Jaywalker 04/30/2017 07:02PM
I have a 9 foot HDPE toboggan that I made and its been great on trips, but I always seem to struggle with where to store it? Garage rafters is not a good option for me. What do you guys do to tuck your 'boggan away when not in use??