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       Trip Report - Stuart River Solo report and packing list
Date/Time: 09/29/2020 02:33PM
Trip Report - Stuart River Solo report and packing list

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boonie 12/21/2017 07:50PM
I also have those different planning parameters and different plans for different people from here (and combinations of people) who "might" go, which is usually somewhat of a guessing game. I know my travel speed and portage limits, but someone who has never done this . . . ?

Two things don't change though - they do their own food and TP or else they eat the exact same thing in the exact same amount. The same goes for TP . . . :).

I'm sure I'd have to share the packing list with the rookies and coach them through it; maybe even a pre-departure double-check. They usually end up not going and it usually comes down to me, or me and Steve - and we've done trips and I don't have to worry about him.

paddlinjoe 12/21/2017 03:38PM
Yes boonie, I would agree that in general the rate of change has decreased. But whenever there is a new type of trip, I enjoy redoing everything, so the editorial comments are more verbose. Trips with kids, the Challenge, my first solo etc. I have a few "planning" documents from people who have made offhand comments showing interest about going on a canoe trip. Little do they know that those comments generate a 4-6 page "what if they were serious" plan unique to their particular abilities and situation.

My regular canoeing partner counts on my to remember to add his off hand comments from year to year. He doesn't create his own packing list, he just uses the one I perpetuate for him from year to year via these reports. He'll also review them and add food commentary or suggestions for new places to explore etc. In his case in particular, it also is a place where I note medications and allergies.
boonie 12/21/2017 03:32PM
Thanks, Joe, I enjoyed the report. I have used a similar process over the years to refine my gear list and techniques.

Has yours changed much since then? I always seem to be making some change, although not as much as the early trips.
Wally13 12/18/2017 07:54AM
Thanks for your post. I picked up a few ideas that will help me for my 2018 Solo trip.
CanoeViking 12/17/2017 02:23PM
Thanks for sharing.
paddlinjoe 12/15/2017 02:19PM
New Trip Report posted by paddlinjoe

Trip Name: Stuart River Solo report and packing list.

Entry Point: 19

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