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       Entering Quetico - required to visit ranger station?
Date/Time: 04/04/2020 07:12AM
Entering Quetico - required to visit ranger station?

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deerfoot 11/20/2018 10:31AM
For the past 12 yrs I have crossed the US/Canadian border at a number of places often twice or more per year. While we are sometimes questioned more than other times, all interactions with agents for each country have always been courteous and professional. Often the Canadian agents comment favorably on our numerous trips to canoe and sometimes ask about our fishing success.

timatkn 10/14/2018 07:56PM
I don’t know Arctic...I’ve had good and bad experiences with customs on both sides of the border.

This year both sides were very nice and friendly.

One of my employees is from Winnipeg and crosses almost on a monthly basis to help take care of his ailing mom and his story is the Canadians are the bigger jerks. Recently they demanded he unlock his phone and let them look through it. Another time they harassed him about Trump, asked if he liked or voted for Trump, another time they asked him his thoughts on the 2nd amendment and gave him speeches about how bad the U.S. is (he doesn’t own or even know how to use a gun), several times they had him pull aside for a potential check and then just left him there for 30 minutes and then either tore apart his car or just eventually waved him through.

He doesn’t know why? He has dual citizenship with the U.S. and Canada. On the U.S. side he has had unfriendly agents but never the weird questions or speeches like the Canadians have—even before he became a U.S. citizen. Most of the time the Canadians are great to him, but due to the experiences above they also make him the most scared—-his mom really needs his help so he just takes it all in stride so he can go help her.

arctic 10/14/2018 01:28PM
OregonDave: "GraniteCliffs: "You are required to check in at US Customs... "
How does U.S. Customs know you're out of the country? Or do they?

(The Ely Customs guy was a real jerk to members of my party last August.) "

It's been that way for many years. As often as not the US Customs agents treat their own countrymen like suspected criminals when they re-enter the US at many/most border crossings.

I think one of the requirements of being a US Customs agent is having a very small manhood...

Contrast that with the Canadian customs folks. More often than not, they are very friendly, and sometimes get a bit chatty. Once, when crossing at Pigeon River we told them how much beer and whisky we had for our fishing/camping trip, and the customs agent said in disbelief, "Is that all?". Recently, we talked about fishing on Lake Superior.

That's probably a nice thing about being so far from the teaming masses.
GraniteCliffs 10/12/2018 08:10PM
This year I asked the Customs guy point blank if they cross referenced with Quetico permits. He said no. Even with a permit there would be no proof you left the country if push came to shove. Unless the dreaded drones caught you in action.
timatkn 10/12/2018 07:31AM
OregonDave: "GraniteCliffs: "You are required to check in at US Customs... "
How does U.S. Customs know you're out of the country? Or do they?

(The Ely Customs guy was a real jerk to members of my party last August.) "

They probably don’t know. Unless they cross referenced with Canada, they would know since you had a Park Permit and entered through a Ranger station. I have no idea if they do this? Or not? But if they did it you could be in trouble or hefty fines. I really try to comply with the rules...not saying I am perfect ;)

OregonDave 10/12/2018 12:52AM
GraniteCliffs: "You are required to check in at US Customs... "

How does U.S. Customs know you're out of the country? Or do they?

(The Ely Customs guy was a real jerk to members of my party last August.)
GraniteCliffs 10/10/2018 08:29PM
You are required to check in at US Customs. There has been an office where you mentioned that was staffed. However, that is now changed. The office will be there but it won't be staffed. They will have a lobby with a touch screen to connect you with the ROAM app that you use to check in.
You can also use the ROAM app on a cell phone to check in and skip the office stop. They advise you to do so while still in Ely since you are supposed to check in immediately. It has a GPS component to the app, according to the US Customs guy I visited with. He said don't check in from the Twin Cities or wherever since you would have not checked in immediately.
Gets more complicated every day.
flynn 10/10/2018 04:35PM
Great, thanks very much!! When you say I must visit US Customs - where do I do that? I thought I saw a Customs/Border Protection station near/at the Kawishiwi Ranger Station but I'm not too familiar with that. Never been to a Ranger Station on the US side as I always pick up my permit at an outfitter.
Banksiana 10/08/2018 04:30PM
If entering Quetico from the US you have to visit a ranger station (Lac LaCroix, Cache Bay or Prairie Portage) on your way into the park. At the station you will pay your camping fees and receive a brief orientation. The only exception is during early spring or late fall when the ranger stations are closed- though you must still fill out a self-issue permit and pay at the self-issue stations located on the ranger station grounds.

RABC's are required to cross into Canada; each adult in your party must have their own RABC. They are secured online- plan for about a month time to mail and process. Canada routinely refuses entry to folks convicted of felony crimes. DUI is a felony in Canada.

You do not have to visit on your way out. Nor do you need to visit a Forest Service station.

After leaving Canada you are required to report to US customs. A passport or passport card is required for readmission to the US. An alternative is to register for the CBP ROAM program.
flynn 10/08/2018 03:25PM
I would love to do an 8-10 day Quetico trip with some friends and I'm trying to understand the requirements of entering the Park. Do I have to visit a ranger station like Prairie Portage to get a RABC or can I get one online and then just cross the border anywhere that's convenient? Having to go through Prairie Portage really limits possible routes around that area. It would be cool to spend a night or two on Knife and do a small loop in Quetico and then come back down through Knife or somewhere around there. But, if I have to visit the ranger station no matter what, then.... who visits those lakes near the border on the east side of Prairie Portage?

From what I read, I don't have to visit a ranger station on the way out of Quetico, right?

But I have to visit a US ranger station in Ely upon return to clear customs? Anything special to this or do we just drive over to the station after getting back and answer questions and let them inspect our stuff?

Any other little things I should be aware of? I know we have to pay per day, get a fishing card PLUS a license, pinch the barbs on our hooks...

Thanks very much!!