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Date/Time: 04/05/2020 05:18PM
August Quetico trip

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24kGold 03/04/2019 09:49PM
I was in Quetico the last of August last year. First of all, the fishing is best early morning and in the evening. During the daytime, fish are deeper. Look for current and drop-offs. If you troll, use deep-diving cranks. If they don't produce, add a split shot or two against your crank to get it deeper.

I recommend using plastics during the daytime to fish the bottom. You have to fish them slowly so take a mesh bag to load with rocks and use as an anchor. Guarantee you will catch more fish if you use an anchor in a good spot and fish plastics. Anchor in deep current. Anchor around humps and reefs. Anchor off of ledges and points. And most of all, fish windy points, shorelines and coves just like in the springtime.

These tactics seem to work all throughout the year. Just remember to fish deeper and slower since the water will be warmer.

Rapalas that dive 20 feet (Large size with perch pattern)
6" green pumpkin lizards
Large green pumpkin tubes
Rebel Pop R topwater early morning and evening

Just my two cents worth, but that's how we caught fish last year. I usually go at the end of June so we never have problems catching fish. In August, it was slower, but the tactics I described above worked well for us.

TomT 02/23/2019 02:38PM
There's a real nice site in the north of Jean at the pinch point between the bay that leads to Burntside. Nice spot to base from. A day trip into Burntside would be cool too.

QueticoMike 02/23/2019 12:29PM
Jean is a good place to catch the Grand Slam if that is one of your goals. Good fishing there!
OldFingers57 02/17/2019 02:49PM
We did from BH down to Jean Lake two years ago. Nice easy trip. Portages were short and lots of great campsites. Lots of great fishing down that way and along the way.
bobbernumber3 02/07/2019 03:23PM
I met a guy on Hook Island in August who said "late August is the best" due to warm water and the bug season is over. But yes, the fishing is a little tougher. Crank baits.
OldGreyGoose 02/07/2019 08:51AM
I've had good luck for SMB on Jean as late as September.
AdamXChicago 02/04/2019 03:21PM
Been through those parts many times. Had MUCH better fishing on Jean than Cirrus, though you'll see more paddlers on Jean. The portage from Kasakokwog to Cirrus can be a challenge. Either way, a great loop for a week.
AmarilloJim 02/04/2019 07:18AM
All those lakes are good for fishing. LT will be deep (40-60'). Walleyes may be deep or shallow depending on conditions and time of day.
billconner 02/03/2019 06:23AM
I did your route in reverse BH-Cirrus-Kasakokwog-Q-BH entering on a Labor Day some years ago. First solo, took it easy, one layover day, 5 nights. Saw very few people. Nice route, lots of things to see - pictos, burnt areas, falls. Great camp sites.
clrdoguy68 02/02/2019 09:39PM
Planning an August trip into Quetico (6-7 days). Right now the only week that works for us is the last week in August. I was thinking about doing something pretty mellow. Maybe enter at Beaverhouse and paddle into Quetico lake, up through Kasakokwog, then into Cirrus, check out Sue falls, and then back west down Cirrus and exit BH. Take our time of course and stay a few days on Quetico, maybe a few on Kas, and maybe a few on Cirrus.

Or maybe just paddle down Quetico lake to Jean, stay a couple three days and paddle back to BH exit Was wondering if fishing would be better on Jean? Or does it even really matter that time of year?

Never been in BW or Quetico in August, but last year I was in the BW the 2nd week of September and fishing was very tough. Also wondering how busy it might be. Any information or advice appreciated.