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Date/Time: 05/26/2020 03:19PM
Lake info

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merlyn 05/25/2019 10:35AM
I never even thought of using google satellite pictures. I'm damn lucky to access this forum with my computer skills. Typed thankfully one finger at a time, Merlyn
inspector13 05/24/2019 12:48PM
The satellite image Google maps uses has very good resolution, and I see no development along the shores of Mowe. The "roads" near there end where it looks like some logging has taken place approximately a half mile away from the lake.

merlyn 05/24/2019 12:00PM
Is there a resource to get info on a lake on crown land? Planning on a BW or Quetico trip late summer and would love to take a side trip to Mowe lake east of Sagagna and north of Northern Light lake outside of the parks. It was my first real camping trip in 1964 and I'd like to go back, but don't want to if it's developed and full of condos and houses. It appears to have a road to it I'm not sure if it a snowmobile trail or a regular road. Any info greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Merlyn