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Date/Time: 08/06/2020 08:35PM
first Q trip

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AdamXChicago 06/18/2019 06:22PM
Jean is a great lake to explore with very easy portages from Beaverhouse. Or you could just tool around Pickerel and the B-chain if you don’t want to go too deep into the park.

Chatterton Falls is a great destination for a six-day trip, but you might want to avoid the Deux Rivieres route if water is low.

Another thumbs up for the Souris River canoe factory tour in Atikokan.

Jackfish 06/17/2019 05:02PM
I agree with much of the above. There is a lot of big water in the Beaverhouse area. Beaverhouse itself, Cirrus and Quetico lakes can be a challenge when windy. Lots of campsites to duck into on those lakes when the wind picks up.

With that said, the best way to put travel odds in your favor is to travel early when the water is flat or mostly calm. Be at the BH landing by 6:30am and get moving. Have your permit in hand from the Atikokan ranger station (picked up the day before) so you don't have to paddle across BH to that ranger station (especially if you're going to Cirrus!) You could plan a trip to Jean and circle back through Bentpine, Snow, Your, Fair and into Badwater - all smaller lakes. Just be prepared for the mile portage from Badwater to West Bay of Q Lake.

I haven't entered at Nym yet (next year, I hope), but several people have. Once you get past some of the large water of Nym and Batch, you'll find smaller lakes. I'll second the suggestion for Chatterton Falls. One of my favorite places in the park.

As for maps, I would suggest McKenzie maps for Q. Add a Chrismar for backup if you like.
homers 06/15/2019 08:12PM
mapsguy1955: "All good options for a trip. I use the GAIA app on my iPhone. You can upload maps from the internet. There are other apps that purportedly work well also!"
Thanks, I'll give it a try!
mapsguy1955 06/15/2019 11:34AM
All good options for a trip. I use the GAIA app on my iPhone. You can upload maps from the internet. There are other apps that purportedly work well also!
CrazyLoon 06/14/2019 02:51PM
I would have to agree with making the trip to Chatterton Falls. And the fishing is great in that area as well.
Troutbum77 06/14/2019 01:52PM
I generally start and end my trip at Voyageur Wilderness Programme . They're located on Nym Lake and Michelle can help you plan your route. Atikokan doesn't have a ton of hotels so VWP is a great place to stay the night before your trip.

If you're interested in waterfalls, you should create a loop that takes you close to Russell Lake and Chatterton Falls. Start on Nym, paddle to Jesse, then down to Sturgeon, over to Russell and then arrange a shuttle to pick you up on Pickerel at Stanton Bay.
homers 06/14/2019 09:05AM
Thanks, will look at the suggestions.
billconner 06/11/2019 05:11PM
First, if in Atikokan, I recommend a tour of the Souris River canoe factory. Well worth the hour or so. Call Wayne ahead and set up.

You won't see many people and there are plenty of campsites. Should not be hard to find a 5-star site. I'd recommend one of the Beaverhouse entry points. I liked Cirrus - different with high sides - but lots of options. See the pictos on Quetico Lake.

I did Cirrus to Sue Falls, across to Kasakokwog, back through Q lake and BH. Good three days, easy four. Lots of places to branch off. I think many will suggest Jean. Someday.
homers 06/11/2019 03:23PM
My wife and I have done BW twice and are looking to do a Quetico trip mid to late July out of Atikokan. I've done some research but would welcome suggestions as well.

We want to do a 6-day trip traveling 4-6 hours a day, giving us time to relax, fish, view/explore. Would be great not to see more than a couple of people a day and not contend for campsites. Would like to avoid crossing a large lake in heavy wind and waves if possible which has me questioning entering Pickerel. And I'd like nice weather as well. :)

Routes, lakes, waterfalls, etc? Entry/Exit points suggestions?

I'll have a printed map and compass, but has anyone used a GPS app on an iPhone that has lake maps on them?