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Date/Time: 07/12/2020 09:16PM
Kawishiwi to Polly

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bordertrail 06/16/2019 07:32PM
I have a nephew with autism. He really enjoyed participating in Special Olympics. He now worksat a grocery store and has his own apartment in an assisted living community. My son worked with with austic adults who needed guidence.
x2jmorris 06/14/2019 07:01AM
Nice. And yes the water was a tad cold but it is so much easier just going into the water with sandals than it is to try to get out dry. Surprised you had ticks. I was in the general area and not one of us had any ticks. Decent amount of blackflies though.
inspector13 06/13/2019 02:01PM

Therapy farm? My brother’s family ended up raising a herd of llamas because of a nephew’s autism. He has improved enough socially that he was able to show a couple of the animals at the Wisconsin State Fair.

bordertrail 06/13/2019 01:25PM

Pictures from my trip. Alpaca from the therapy farm in MA were John worked.
bordertrail 06/13/2019 01:23PM
I forgot to sign in so would not let me use bordertrail to post.
bill cadwell 06/13/2019 01:21PM
My son was moving from Boulton, MA to Salt Lake city UT for a change in employment and called and asked if we could go to the BWCA. I had 3 days before his arrival to buy food and organize the gear. It had been 9 years since my last trip into Kek. Delayed by poor health. Dialysis followed by kidney transplant. I did OK on the trip, but June is a little early in the as I did not have time to get into shape. It takes a while when your 67 and have some physical limitations.
John arrived a 2 AM on Wed June 8. after a short night of sleep we packed up drove 6 miles to the Aurora, MN National Forest Service Laurention Office to pick up a permit. We did not wait until Thur since the their were more permits available on Wed. After a ninty mile drive we arrived at entry point 37, Kawishiwi Lake.
By 2:30 pm we were paddling north. It was a cold and damp day with occassional mist. The river travel was interesting, first John's dog Missy jumped out of the canoe into marsh grass thinking it was solid ground. We had to paddle close to shore to go around a fallen tree. The first beaver dam was a pull over. We stood on the dam and pulled the canoe over then hopped back in and continued paddling. The second beaver dam we paddled hard and went over it. The third was a three foot drop. it was a two yard portage which was muddy. By the time we reached Kawasachong Lake my feet were like ice cubes. We stopped at the campsite across from the river and set up camp. I put on dry socks and shoes and warmed up by the campfire roasting hot dogs and marsmellows. Also had some instant garlic potatoes.
Second Day: After sleeping in and catching up on sleep breakfast was instant peach oatmeal, dried bannas, coffee and hot chocolate The canoe was headed toward the portages. It was a hot sunny day in the high 80's. Missy made a few new friends on the portage. Groups comming back and some passing us by. I was feeling the heat and and tired, so took the first campsite on Polly. Spruce, cedar, and balsam with plenty of downed trees. The campsite was flat, downside was plenty of ticks, ants and small flies.
Supper was helped lasanga, bannana pudding, and smores.
Day three: Spent fishing, resting, and conoeing around Polly. Saw loons, swans, ducks, beaver, and lots of birds.
Day four: Up early for our paddle back to Kawishiwi. Suuny, warm, with a strong southern brease to paddle against. Met several groups going into the BW. By the time we reached Kawishiwi we were paddling with two other groups. Two guys in solo canoes and six in three tandem canoes. (One was Bumstead). The entry was crowded for a while. The conoe rack I made for my truck the morning before my son arrived was admired. I had 3 old angle iron bed frames I cut up to use. Worked quite well.
Whlie paddling I came up with this little dity (with appologies to Willie and i can hear the grones all ready.) On the lake again, on the lake again; paddling to the campsite with my friends; On the lake, repeat; listening to the loons and watching eagles fly. On repeat, repeat; Like a band of voyagers were the best of friends, On repeat repeat; Chasing afer walleyes for the frying pan; On the portage again, on the portage again; and again, and again, and again, and again; On the campsite again on the campsite again; Sitting round singing campfire songs; Swatting mosquittos again, repeat. Watching the twilight fade till the day is done. Do what ever with this I am sure Willie has the copywrite.