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       Trip Report - Bucket List – Woodland Caribou Provincial Park 2018
Date/Time: 08/06/2020 08:44PM
Trip Report - Bucket List – Woodland Caribou Provincial Park 2018

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hobbydog 06/21/2019 08:08AM
Nice to see new people discovering WCPP. Looks like a good trip.
djwillco 06/20/2019 06:35AM
Thanks for the report! Been looking forward to getting up to WCPP someday, so always interested in people's experiences. Glad you guys had fun!
Jaywalker 06/19/2019 08:56AM
Thanks for the write up and photos. Sounds like a good adventure. I'm hoping to cross a few of those same lakes this summer if all works out.
blutofish1 06/18/2019 01:06PM
Nice, thanks for sharing. Looks like we live in the same neck of the woods. I'm in Avon.
Driftless 06/18/2019 10:49AM
Awesome report, thanks!
cyclones30 06/17/2019 11:01PM
Thanks for the report! That would be a bit odd to see boats and people at cabins while paddling I feel...
Hueyav8r 06/15/2019 12:47PM
New Trip Report posted by Hueyav8r

Trip Name: Bucket List – Woodland Caribou Provincial Park 2018.

Entry Point: Woodland Caribou

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