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Date/Time: 01/25/2021 06:12PM
Oyster Lake

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egknuti 08/26/2019 08:01PM
I’d hedge my bets on Hustler. I think it’s a toss up between Oyster and Lynx. But if you stay on Lynx you can always jump over to Shell and try small mouth there.
Franzenrp 08/26/2019 02:05PM
Would you say Hustler and Lynx Lake are the best in this area for smallmouth fishing, I do have it looks like a eight day trip planned but if I take them to see warrior hill, Rebecca Falls,and curtain falls. Then double back to Oyster and Hustler I do want them to have a few days fishing and most likely base camping. Time will definitly go fast so I have to be wise and pick the best fishing areas.
egknuti 08/22/2019 09:44PM
If your looking for smallies I’d stay on Hustler. Lots of small mouth and many decent northerns. Oyster has small mouth but more difficult to locate. Stuart has lots of eater size Walleyes as does Agnes.
landoftheskytintedwater 08/22/2019 07:34PM
Might be a more natural route if you did something like:

Nina Moose to Agnes, then down to Stuart, northeast to Iron, back to Lac La Croix (Warrior Hill), then take LLC northwest up to Pocket/Finger, then back down through Ge-be (rock chairs), Green, Rocky (pictographs), then Oyster and out via Oyster Creek to the Nina Moose.

Finger is one of my favorite lates, I've never camped on Ge-be but also would be a nice place to stay. Oyster has some nice campsites and lake trout. I think Finger/Pocket/Gebe are all decent walleye lakes. Of course LLC is solid fishing.

I did the reverse of this camping on Oyster, Finger, LLC late September a while back and loved the area. Would just need to be careful with wind that time of year on Iron and LLC.
Franzenrp 08/22/2019 09:29AM
Looking at bringing some newbies to the BWCA for the first time the last weekend in Sept Most likely its going to be a nine day trip and they want to fish and see some sights, so Moose is what I have in mind so I can bring them up to Rebecca and Curtain Falls. Up thru Agnes into Iron Mike and down thru Stuart into Agnes,Oyster, Hustler, Lynx and back up thru Agnes, Ramshead and Nina Moose. I don't usually fish just paddle big loops, but because this trip is mostly to share a trip with newbies we want to show them things for the first time. What lakes would be the best to stay at for a few days to Base camp a few days and spend time fishing, mostly for smallies maybe walleyes does anyone know about Sunnis and crappie fishing in this area.
egknuti 08/19/2019 10:03PM
I’ve paddled down from Oyster to Ramshead during early summer. No problems, but a lot of beaver dams on the lower portions of the Oyster River. I would advise going up the Oyster River. It can be difficult to find from the Nina Moose River and even more difficult with all the beaver dams. I’d paddle up to Agnes and portage from there to the Oyster River. The 228 portage from Nina Moose is a challenge, but you will most likely have the lake to yourself.

TominMpls 08/19/2019 03:24PM
Side note, Nina Moose and Ramshead are both really shallow, and Ramshead is the shallower. We were planning to paddle up through Nina Moose and back through Ramshead but decided to stick to Nina Moose both ways because of the condition of the Ramshead portages.
TominMpls 08/19/2019 03:21PM
Franzenrp: "Looking at a fall trip and was wondering if anyone has paddled from Ramshead Lake up the Oyster River to Oyster lake, is it passable"

There's a recent thread on this, look around a bit.

When my daughter and I paddled it in July 2017 it was totally passable heading south, but would have been just about impossible to find the channel heading north. I hear it gets impassable as the water drops, but given how high the water has been this year I think it would be about like we saw it in July 2017, during August 2019.

Personally I'd plan to do the long portage from Agnes, but be willing to spend ten minutes looking for the channel on the way to Agnes. If you find it, follow it and see if you can get all the way. If you don't find it in ten minutes, don't sweat it - just take the portage.

It is a beautiful little river though, and fun to paddle if you can find and get through it.
Franzenrp 08/19/2019 02:19PM
Looking at a fall trip and was wondering if anyone has paddled from Ramshead Lake up the Oyster River to Oyster lake, is it passable