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Date/Time: 09/19/2020 11:39PM
Skeeter Status

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bwcasolo 08/31/2019 03:23PM
very few at night only in voyageurs park.
BigBearArlich 08/30/2019 10:36AM
I was up on Cross Bay / Frost last week and I think we saw 3 mosquitoes the whole trip.
quark2222 08/29/2019 08:08PM
Thanks to everyone. Next week looks like it is on the chilly side (low-mid 40's at night, mid 50's up to very low 60', so I think things should be great, as usual. Could be hard nipple weather swimming though. Oh well.

Blatz 08/29/2019 03:44PM
Did Ham to Poplar last week. Skeeters where pretty much a non issue until dark came out. By then I was ready to hit the sack anyways.
inspector13 08/29/2019 08:43AM

They are still around at dusk, dawn, and when it is cloudy. Last biting was this past Monday before the afternoon rains moved in.

Captn Tony 08/28/2019 09:09PM
Did the Seagull to SAC to Big Sag 2 weeks ago and very few problems with mosquitoes. At night they would come out bu still not too bad.
x2jmorris 08/28/2019 06:31PM
Weren't bad on Brule a few days ago so farther up I think you'll be fine
quark2222 08/28/2019 04:39PM
Leaving early next week on a trip off the Gunflint. Normally, the mosquitoes are pretty much done by now in my experience. However, the Shagawa Lake web cam on the Ely webcam site seems to have a bunch of mosquitoes on the lens every day. Are the skeeters still pretty fierce? Thanks.