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       Moose Lake launch on Tuesday
Date/Time: 01/25/2021 04:45PM
Moose Lake launch on Tuesday

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TechnoScout 09/07/2019 08:41AM
Tomcat: "I am 63, tall, thin, with little hair and my friend is 70, short, thin with white hair and beard. So look for the two old guys. It is his first trip and I hope he enjoys it and will want to go again.


LOL, I finally get to sign up for Medicare this month...another old fart!
Tomcat 09/07/2019 08:06AM

TechnoScout 09/07/2019 07:04AM
Tomcat: "We have a 14 hour drive from Missouri on Monday and will spend that night in Ely. Planning on eating breakfast at Brittons Cafe at 7:00 am Tuesday before picking up permit and driving to entry point. If you are near Brittons around 7:00 am would be nice if you could stop in and say hello."
That is our plan as well. There will be two of us...easy to recognize: my buddy is 320, 6'7" I am 185, 6'1" with a beard.
minnmike 09/06/2019 11:15PM
Hope you have a great trip Techno! Hope the fishing is good. I have your Doohickies packed, can't wait to try them out. Talk to ya when I get back after Oct 8th and we will swap stories.
x2jmorris 09/06/2019 10:01PM
Awesome to hear techno. Hope the weather is great, wind is calm, bugs nonexistent, food is great, and not crazy busy.
Tomcat 09/06/2019 09:40PM
TechnoScout 09/06/2019 09:10PM
We are flying in from Texas on Monday,,,on the water Tuesday...gonna get a tow for a head start :-) Moose Lake to Ensign and beyond.
Tomcat 09/06/2019 08:46PM
TechnoScout 09/06/2019 07:58PM
I am like a kid counting the days till Christmas. Looks like a lot of permits still left so maybe not so crowded. Looks like a lot of rain events in the forecast but not a lot of thats ok. Everything is packed...counting the minutes!!