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Date/Time: 06/13/2024 06:00PM
Trip Report - Back Again

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2NDpaddlers 10/17/2019 10:44AM
We went through Lizz last year, and this year when we decided to make another trip into the BWCA permits were hard to come by. Lizz #47 no permits available, Meeds entry #48 had all 4 available. It was a fun challenge.
KarlBAndersen1 10/17/2019 07:31AM
Nothing like some time in the B'Dub.
A short paddle on Poplar to Lizz would have avoided that 290 portage.
Driftless 10/16/2019 01:26PM
Great report!
straighthairedcurly 10/15/2019 12:25PM
Thanks for your report. Meeds portage was the first long portage that my son did without stopping (and volunteered to carry the heavier pack) so I have fond memories of it. We have traveled all of that route, just never all on the same trip.
boonie 10/14/2019 10:18PM
Enjoyed your report on a nice trip. I’ve been through all of that area and enjoyed it.
BigTim 10/14/2019 10:56AM
Great report. Love that area.
2NDpaddlers 10/14/2019 10:26AM
New Trip Report posted by 2NDpaddlers

Trip Name: Back Again.

Entry Point: 48

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