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       EP of the Week: Crocodile River - EP 66
Date/Time: 06/19/2024 03:49PM
EP of the Week: Crocodile River - EP 66

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lindylair 06/07/2020 06:43PM
Adam, think this trip report got missed...

Crocodile Lake
adam 06/05/2020 08:26AM
This weeks entry point of the week is Crocodile River - EP 66

This is an off the beaten path lake which is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the BWCA and have some create fishing.

One thing that folks get confused about is where do I enter? The best way is through the Bearskin Lake entry point.

Take a minute to report your experience on this thread, or drop a few campsite ratings or fishing notes from your previous trips.

Anyone headed up to Crocodile this year?

EP 66 Maps

Crocodile River Trip Reports