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Date/Time: 10/21/2021 01:06AM
Water Level around Mudro

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schweady 07/05/2020 09:39AM
Not surprising. Moose/Nina Moose was similar last week. The area is experiencing water levels most typically seen in late August. About a foot below normal for early July.
bombinbrian 07/05/2020 08:50AM
Just to let everyone know. We just got out yesterday morning. We had went out Mudro last Sunday morning and you had to go down stream a couple hundred yards from the road to get enough water to do anything. We went down the Horse River and besides the 3 portages, we had about 5 areas that were very difficult to navigate, pullovers and pullthroughs. I wouldn't recommend going up the river.

Water levels are really low up in Crooked also.

The 3 portages from Fourtown to Mudro are really really tough because of the water levels. They are longer and more rugged than usual.

Just wanted to let you know.