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       First Trip, Big Lake, Lapond, Big Rice
Date/Time: 04/19/2024 11:33AM
First Trip, Big Lake, Lapond, Big Rice

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QuietWaters 07/26/2020 01:31PM
Here is an old trip report that you may find useful.

Big Lake Entry # 7 Trip report
cyclones30 07/26/2020 11:43AM
I've never been, but it seems like a less-used area compared to many others off the echo trail.
AS 07/26/2020 09:58AM
First trip to BWCA. Planning an in and out trip from Big Lake. Will be paddling to Big Rice via Lapond, staying a couple nights, then returning the same way.
Any thoughts on this itinerary or special considerations? We are new to overnight canoeing, but experienced backpackers.