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Date/Time: 08/12/2022 06:04PM
Trip Report - Kawishiwi River

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whyzata 06/30/2021 05:09PM
Sorry for the late response. Just got back from Namakan and the ticks were worse. Doesn't help that I travel solo with two dogs. Permethrin helps. On the Kawishiwi I believe we picked up most ticks on the portage to Pickerel. My dogs both have Lymes and get yearly boosters. Unfortunately I picked up Lymes while on Kabetogama two years ago. Antibiotics took care of it for now. NIce you can swim when the water is warm to do tick checks. Early May the water was a little cold.
tynancor 05/30/2021 06:30PM
Where were you on the Kawishiwi River? Were the ticks everywhere or only in certain locations?
whyzata 05/28/2021 01:07PM
New Trip Report posted by whyzata

Trip Name: Kawishiwi River.

Entry Point: I

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