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Date/Time: 08/12/2022 06:06PM
A tale of two trips...

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boonie 06/24/2021 06:12AM
Yep, I could cover a summer trip to the beach, road trips, Oct. backpacking in the mountains, hunting in Nov., car camping, or a trip to the BW. And those trips require different things and a lot of things - checklists are great. Mine are pretty detailed and include things that have to be done as well as things to pack.
stonewoodstream 06/23/2021 09:14PM
boonie: "Over the years I developed a comprehensive checklist that would cover various trips I did. I can just delete the things that don't apply to the one I'm doing. "

Yes. Exactlly my point. Two extremely different trips require different planning and gear. A mid-August kayak trip along the shores of Isle Royale is very different from a BWCA paddle in late July. Different environment. Different gear. Different weight. Different temperatures. Different weather. More safety concerns. Wetsuits vs. canoe-paddling clothes. Marine radio requied.

Potential of gale force winds with 8-12 foot waves verus 2-4 foot waves on Brule.

Totally different mindset.

Totally different checklists...
straighthairedcurly 06/23/2021 01:17AM
I have 4 trips planned this summer and while they are all BWCA trips, they are very different from one another: family trip w/ a novice, solo trip, trip w/ husband, solo trip with lightest possible gear.

Part of me wishes I could just pack for each trip now, but of course the gear overlaps. However, I did prep the food for the 3 trips all at the same time in May. Glad I did because the spacing between the trips is just enough to clean and dry gear, make any repairs or improvements, and get packed again. Having the food all done is a huge help. I do love the planning/prep, though.
boonie 06/22/2021 11:49AM
Over the years I developed a comprehensive checklist that would cover various trips I did. I can just delete the things that don't apply to the one I'm doing.
stonewoodstream 06/22/2021 08:51AM
Anyone else had “split-brain trip preparation disorder”?

A little back story… about 30 years ago while living in Colorado I did a 12-day solo hike on the Colorado Divide Trail, and a week after I got back, I joined some friends for a seven-day raft trip on the Green River, floating the section that includes the Gates of Ladore. Preparing to two very different trips had my brain working overtime, and I now remember having to set aside time to work on each separately.

In recent years my wife and I have planned an early summer trip to Quetico or Woodland-Caribou, and a late summer trip to Isle Royale. The time separation helps with preparation, as well as maintaining my sanity. But the pandemic prevented both last summer.

Today I find myself with a six-day BWCA trip scheduled with my son for the end of July, specifically to hunt for big pike with fly rods, followed a week after with seven days of kayaking at Isle Royale with my wife and a couple of friends. Some of the basic gear is the same, but tents, cooking gear, clothing, and even some of the food prep could not be more different. As you can guess, my concentration at work often drifts six weeks ahead, and I am spending waaaaay to much time online and in my garage.

If anyone else has a similar, wonderful issue in the past, please share.

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