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       Crowds around EP 37 and North (Polly, Malberg, Alice-Fraser)
Date/Time: 08/09/2022 06:00AM
Crowds around EP 37 and North (Polly, Malberg, Alice-Fraser)

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sns 08/17/2021 07:44AM
2.5 weeks ago, on our exit, Polly was full as far as we could tell. Malberg was full other than the southern site. A couple of days before that Beaver, Adams and Boulder had only one group each on them.
ADKpaddler 08/17/2021 06:22AM
Went out of that same EP a couple of weeks ago, on the 3rd. We stayed on Polly for 2 nights and then headed east on the Lady Chain rather than west, so I can only speak to the first part of your trip. We found Polly busy but not crazy- we had no trouble finding a site and they were never all full while we were there. On our layover day we day-tripped up to Malberg and that was busy- there several groups at every portage, and the sites we passed on Koma and Malberg were all taken.

dustytrail 08/16/2021 07:51PM
Was thru there 2 weeks ago. Most of the Malberg sites were open as well as everything from there to and including Alice. Boulder, Adams, Beaver where completly empty. Stayed on Polly my last night. Got there about 1 and there were several sites to pick from but by 4 or 5 it was full. Getting from Boulder to Adams is tough due to the low water.
MattyT 08/16/2021 06:59PM
Heading up to EP37 this Saturday (crossing my fingers that the winds die down a bit the next few days and air/fire crews can contain the new fires in the Tofte district until we get some more humidity and rain this weekend) and wanted to get a pulse on things in the area.

Our route will take us north from the EP heading West at Malberg, up through Alice-Thomas-Fraser, and back down through Boulder-Adams-Beaver.

Anyone been up in the area recently and can speak to crowds? Ive heard things arent so busy on the smaller lakes past Polly, but I'm worried about running into campsite availability issues on the bigger lakes to the west.

Any comments on bugs and water temp are welcome too. Really hoping this trip works out as I'm bringing a few first timers and hoping to get them hooked.


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