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Date/Time: 06/13/2024 06:12PM
Lizz Lake Permit for Sunday

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Jaywalker 08/19/2021 03:44PM
cowdoc: "Lizz is 47...Ram is 44"
Oops, trying to type too fast. Thanks for catching this Cowdod - its been edited in my post.

The reservation is available on the system right now if anyone wants it.
cowdoc 08/19/2021 01:40PM
Lizz is 47...Ram is 44
Jaywalker 08/19/2021 11:15AM
I’ll be cancelling my Lizz Lake entry permit #47 for this coming Sunday 8/22 later this afternoon at about 3:00pm. Not sure how long it takes to show back up on the system, but it should be quick. Hope someone who is being displaced by the recent fire closures can pick it up.