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Date/Time: 06/23/2024 01:22PM
Nils Hand Augers - Worth the money!

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Kawishiwashy 03/02/2022 07:18AM
I use my Nils on one trip a year to the BWCA and there is no better hand auger on the market and one of the few things in this world I feel is worth the much higher, than "comparable" product, price. When you're the best, you can charge a premium. I love your passion Eric! Keep it up!
timatkn 03/01/2022 11:56PM
Love my Nils! I have a strike master lazer (pre-Chinese) that I thought was great until I tried a Nils…don’t try this auger if you don’t want to spend money :)

I think I learned about this auger 10 years ago on this site…which is funny.

Love the videos Eric!


Pinetree 03/01/2022 10:43PM
When my Nils 6 inch augar was new I did like 32 inches of ice in 30 seconds. Gets a little duller it still cuts very fast.
schweady 03/01/2022 10:34AM
bobbernumber3: "Seems like a commercial post here, IMO."
Eric, your enthusiasm is deserved; it is well known that the Nils is a great hand auger and should be considered for any BWCAW winter trip. However, your pitch did seem a little over the top.

AND: After watching the video, I think my 8" Strikemaster Lazer is usually through faster than you showed here. I'll average about 1 crank per inch of ice.
JimLahey 02/28/2022 11:22AM
bobbernumber3: "Seems like a commercial post here, IMO."

No kidding. Faster than ANY power auger? Dohkay...
bobbernumber3 02/25/2022 04:19PM
Seems like a commercial post here, IMO.
Gadfly 02/25/2022 09:03AM
Could not agree more. I have a 6 inch and 8 inch and when I hook the 6 inch up to my drill it flies through the ice. I only wish they were a bit lighter but maybe the weight has something to do with how well it cuts. When you are in the bwca late in the year with that thicker ice you will appreciate how much easier it is with a nils.
Minnesotian 02/24/2022 09:45PM

Yep, they are great. I got the 6" folding one and it is perfecto for fitting on a sled and bringing into the BWCA. It can also accept a cordless impact drill for other times.
ericinely 02/24/2022 03:42PM
These augers are incredible! For those of you serious about chasing fish in the BWCA in the winter, or just someone who doesn't want to deal with the hassle of maintaining power augers, the hand augers made by Nils USA are the fastest and easiest I've found. THIS AUGER IS AS FAST OR FASTER THAN ANY POWER AUGER ON THE MARKET!

I've gone through a few cheap 6 and 8" Moras which are basically ruined when the blades go dull and took bad advice and purchased a Strikemaster 8" hand auger...NEVER AGAIN!!! I finally found the perfect auger...

Best Ice Auger on the Market