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       Navigation: Quetico PCD layer data available?
Date/Time: 10/04/2023 09:06PM
Navigation: Quetico PCD layer data available?

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DancesWithTrees 06/27/2022 09:36PM
Thanks to both of you for your info - both were very helpful!
Castaway 06/24/2022 01:09PM
Sent you an email with a gpx file attachment. It should include campsites and portage tracks.
RC 06/24/2022 01:03PM
If it's the website I'm thinking of it allows you to export data for campsites. You can also download data for the start and end points of portages. You might need to subscribe to be able to download. Message me if you need more details.
DancesWithTrees 06/23/2022 03:17PM
After a 17-year hiatus, I am finally headed back to the Q. Putting in 8/6, Beaverhouse, going to Jean for a base camp, then out via the narrows to Nym.

The one thing that has changed a lot in 17 years is navigational tech and data. We used to just print or scan maps that showed campsite dots and laminate those to waterproof them. Now, when I go hiking or backpacking, I use GAIA GPS on my phone. Previous to that, I used a Garmin RINO with pre-loaded maps and data.

Here is my quandry. GAIA GPS has perfectly fine maps of Quetico, in terms of the terrain. The portages are spotty and lacking info, and there are no campsites showing. I wanted to go to the Quetico PCD, but the link I had no longer works. I found an interactive version on another site and you can export JPGs from it, but the only data export available is a GPX of any route you manually build (which I could do in GAIA or wherever anyway). It does not export the data layers for campsites or portages.

I want to integrate! GAIA GPS allows me to import layers and other data. Does anyone know of a way to get Quetico PCD layer data in a file that I can import to a universal navigation program like GAIA? I would like to avoid having to manually add all the campsites and portage distances into GAIA, which would take quite a bit of time.

Thanks for any info!