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Date/Time: 06/21/2024 09:56AM
Moose River North water levels/bear/fish

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AceAceAce 09/21/2023 07:43PM
I stayed at the middle of those nice sites on northern Agnes last fall and did have a bear in camp. Had a cub with her too.

I use an Ursack and they didn't get any of my food. If I were to stay on Agnes again, particularly those three sites, I'd bring bear vault containers.

As for fish, take the eastern (longer) portage from Agnes into the boulder river. There is a waterfall there that the base of will give you plenty of fish.
schweady 09/21/2023 05:15PM
Been thinking that those gorgeous Agnes sites on the north peninsula could be closed for a few years to nix the sloppy food practices of the humans and break the annual nuisance bear activity that results. I'd like to stay there at least one more time in my life, but not like it is presently.
crcallahan 09/19/2023 07:32PM
Hey all. Planning to head out of EP 16 next week for a three day adventure aiming for Lac la Croix or Agnes. Wondering if anyone has been up that way recently and has any updates to share re: water level/bear activity (I saw the USFS recent posting)/and fish activity in the area?