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       Trip Report - Solo on Lakes 1-3 before fishing season
Date/Time: 07/15/2024 02:57PM
Trip Report - Solo on Lakes 1-3 before fishing season

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ducks 05/23/2024 08:36PM
I just ran across your YouTube video of this trip and enjoyed watching it.
snag1025 05/15/2024 05:15PM
Sounds like a fun trip until the crowds came! We heard the Loons doing that 4 years ago on John, definitely interesting to say the least!
JD 05/15/2024 11:46AM
Sounds like a nice relaxing time! I think my first trip with the Boy Scouts was to Rifle/Bridge/Four, but I haven't been able to get up there to confirm/re-activate the memories. I think my next solo might be a shorty to head up there in the fall and check things out. Thanks for sharing!

Any chance you got a look at the campsite on Rifle? Was it up on a sloping rock face? Maybe not up super high, but pretty clearly up a relatively wide sloping rock? That's one of the only features of the campsite that I remember. That, and it had a view out over a relatively small area of water (we watched loons fly around in circles for like 45 minutes), and looking out from the site, there was a (narrow?) channel on the right in the distance. Based on some member photos of the Rifle site, I feel like that might've been my site, but I can't confirm the sloping rock face. It could also be site 1483 on Four.
ducks 05/14/2024 05:48PM
Thanks for sharing. Great report!

I did a solo April 19-21 at Lake One this year I picked Lake One for the same reason as you. I wanted to go there before the crowds arrived There was only 1 car in the parking lot and I had Lake One all to myself. I originally had planned on going to the south end of Lake 3 to one of the island campsites, but decided on staying at Lake One because it was extremely windy and cold with extremely cold water with it only being a few days after ice out. It worked out well as I didn’t see any other people and there was still only 1 other car in the lot when I got back to the Entry Point.
wxce1260 05/14/2024 03:25PM
New Trip Report posted by wxce1260

Trip Name: Solo on Lakes 1-3 before fishing season.

Entry Point: 30

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