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       Trip Report - Winter Camping Trip - Clearwater Lake Basecamp
Date/Time: 05/10/2021 03:10AM
Trip Report - Winter Camping Trip - Clearwater Lake Basecamp

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Mocha 03/11/2017 10:06PM
very well-thought-out and reviewed trip, Lindsey. i would guess winter camping would be too much work for most people. And you've been 3 times! you will find your groove with it and then your mini-me will want to get involved.

Clearwater is such a beautiful lake, it would be been relaxing and rewarding to just sit and look at the surroundings. the lake cracking and moaning can be unsettling, it sounds like you all adapted very well.

hope you post more photos!
BasecampMom 03/09/2017 10:49PM
New Trip Report posted by BasecampMom

Trip Name: Winter Camping Trip - Clearwater Lake Basecamp.

Entry Point: 62

Winter Camping - Take 3

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