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04/08/2017 06:55AM  
I've been playing with this for a variation. With this I also tried something new... powdered sour cream. I use roughly 1/4 cup pancake mix (I use hungry jack complete buttermilk mix), 1/2 cup potatoes flakes, couple teaspoons of the powdered sour cream, some dried onions. I like them pretty good and don't need syrup. Potatoes flakes are amazing to me. They absorb so well I was going to try them as floor dry.
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04/08/2017 09:50AM  
Throw in some flaked fish from that one fillet you couldn't quite finish the night before or to stretch out the only fish you managed to catch for dinner for the 4 of you.
04/08/2017 12:04PM  
Potato pancakes, mmmmmmmmmm good addition!
The mixes have become a staple in my food bag. Will try your mix for sure.
Suggest using freeze dried green onions, Litehouse Spring Onions, North Bay Freeze Dried Green Onions, The Ready Store.
I like them better, especially in potato pancakes.

04/08/2017 01:58PM  
We have always had potato pancakes on our trips, but I just take the Hungry Jack packaged mix, or else the Jewish one (can't remember the name) that they sell in the grocery store. Add a fresh egg and some water, let it set a few minutes, and fry them up in a pan with a bit of the liquid Parkay. It already has the onion in it. Easy, and we think, very good.

We eat these at home sometimes, too.
04/09/2017 05:11AM  
Thanks. Gonna try this out!
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