Boundary Waters & Quetico - Trip Reports

Trip Name Trip Type Entry Point Member Name Publish Date Action
The Long Trip Paddling Canoe 48 - Meeds Lake Spartan2 03/24/20 View
Relaxing at Rockwood Volume 5 Paddling Canoe Other Spartan2 09/21/19 View
Honoring Memories and Traditions Paddling Canoe Other Spartan2 10/07/17 View
The Elephant Trip Paddling Canoe 30 - Lake One Spartan2 06/29/16 View
Fun on Fenske Lake Paddling Canoe Other Spartan2 10/03/13 View
Disappointment on Brule Paddling Canoe 41 - Brule Lake Spartan2 06/20/13 View
Return to Cherokee (with a bonus) Paddling Canoe 38 - Sawbill Lake Spartan2 09/20/12 View
In Our Minds It's Still There Paddling Canoe 37 - Kawishiwi Lake Spartan2 09/15/11 View
1985 Fall Lake--Beartrap River--Crooked Lake--Basswood Lake Paddling Canoe 24 - Fall Lake Spartan2 02/04/11 View
"How It All Began" (1971 Namakan River Loop from Crane Lake) Paddling Canoe Other Spartan2 02/02/11 View
The Unintentional Base-camping Trip Paddling Canoe 50 - Cross Bay Lake Spartan2 07/08/10 View
The Celebration Trip Paddling Canoe 38 - Sawbill Lake Spartan2 09/29/09 View