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04/11/2017 04:32AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
After contacting Lowrance, this is what they told me:
"That could be very hard to find. We no longer have Lowrance map cards. If you can find a Navionics Freedom Map "C" card for Canada that would work in your unit. We no longer make hand held GPS units just the Marine grade units."

Any help on this would be appreciated.
Thank you!
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04/11/2017 08:41PM  
You might be able to find some old chips from Lakemaster before the were bought out by Hummingbird. They made chips for lowrance before that. I have the same GPS unit and I use the Lake of the woods chip for Quetico navigation. I think the Namaken/Kab chip has Quetico as well. When I say Quetico it has the proper shape of the lakes and many portages but does not have Lake depth detailed at all--I don't believe anyone does for the Q. Works well for on the water navigation though.

The lakemaster MN chip works well for the BWCAW but cuts off at Quetico.

I've seem them on Craigslist or eBay at times.

04/11/2017 08:54PM  
A quick search on eBay I found a few. Here is an example.

Lowrance chip

I'll try to find a pick of mine in action and post it.

04/11/2017 09:11PM  

Here is North Bay on my Lakemaster chip, MN Lake of the Woods edition.

Here is a pic of my Lakemaster chip. It says version 4 so I know that version at least has Quetico. Can't speak for other versions. You can find it for sale on eBay just search Lakemaster Lowrance, but they aren't giving them away :)

Hope that all helps

member (30)member
04/12/2017 06:08AM  
Thanks very much I appreciate the help. I plan on buying The Lake of the Woods Lakemaster chip.
While it is a bit pricey, it sure beats buying another GPS and map packages!
Thanks again
member (30)member
04/19/2017 05:14PM  
Our chip arrived and it will be a great asset to have for a back up.
We are a husband and wife team in our early 60's.
This will be our 12 trip in the past 13 years; on a couple of those trips we did have Quetico loaded on the GPS, but it was accidentally deleted.
We are planning to navigate a new route for us, the Kevin Callan Pine Loop, so we definitely appreciate the extra help.
Thanks again for all your help!

04/20/2017 07:18AM  
Glad it worked!

I stumbled on that by accident. My Dad had a lowrance H2O iFinder and we were going on a trip to LOTW for walleyes so we all chipped in and bought the Lakemaster chip---which at the time was the top of the line map for Lowrance/fishing. One time I scrolled out too far and when I zoomed back in I was mistakenly on Quetico...hey that map looks pretty good---I could use that. Better to be lucky than good sometimes :) He has since moved on to bigger better unit so I bought him a new chip and traded for his old Lakemaster one.

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