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04/21/2017 11:17AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Our regular family dads-n-lads trip (ages 10 yrs to 71 yrs) is headed through Beaverhouse in mid July over to Jean Lake for a few days of base camping. We've been on Quetico lake before, just not that far east. I've looked at the trip reports and searched the site, but if any wants to e-mail me with some info about Jean the surrounding day trip worthy lakes, that would be appreciated. Thanks.
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04/22/2017 02:06PM  
Jean is a great lake for catching the grand slam if your group is interested in fishing.
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04/23/2017 05:46AM  
I can't remember the lake just a short portage away mid lake on Jean......Burntwood comes to mind but I could be mistaken. In the narrows between the two islands is a fine campsite, the smallish islands in front have walleye and I lost a heartbreaker of a northern on the side of camp trolling in 15 ft of water. That pike was towing my boat and when it broke off I came close to tears.

I trolled a little while for lakers but no bites.

A fine place with a bit more protection should the wind come up. Campsite would be minimum 4 star and good for a group. On a point of sorts elevated with a dandy fire pit. I would be inclined to base camp there and day trip to Jean. If you go this way contact me and we can nail down the location of the campsite. It's just a more picturesque place than Jean imo.
Ho Ho
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04/23/2017 10:08PM  
Hey Steve I suggest you also try posting this in the Quetico forum. Some Quetico lovers mostly look at that forum and they may have the info you want.

I've paddled through Jean just once, it's a nice big beautiful lake and I think the best campsites may have been at the narrows. The time we went through we started on Quetico and paddled through to Burntside (which I think is the lake masterangler is referring to) which does indeed have a super-nice site for a small to mid-sized group on one of the islands just south of the portage in from Jean.

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