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04/30/2017 05:37PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
I have a big wall map that indicates it >might< be possible to paddle and portage from the east end of Isabella Lake, which becomes the Perent River, north to Insula. Apparently this route would involve Powwow Creek, Arrow Creek and Arrow Lake.

My latest Fisher map does not indicate this. We'd be doing this the week prior to Memorial Day, if that time of year (water levels) would make a difference.

Any thoughts/insight?

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04/30/2017 07:05PM  
I used to travel up the pow wow and portage into Ferne Lake. I once tried heading north on the creek but couldn't find any feasible portage. This area was burned during the Pagami Creek Fire and I haven't been back since then. I would be interested in a trip report if you go.
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