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05/09/2017 05:08PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Hey everyone first time in the Q planning on hitting the following lakes late June early July: Agnes, Trant, Keefer, Sarah, McIntyre, Brent, Darky, Wicksteed, McAree might have missed a couple in between. Anyways it's a group of 7. three older teenagers 1 pre teen and 3 adults. Any must see or do's? How's fishing on these lakes ? Which one is your favorite(s)? 10 day trip by the way. Thanks
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05/09/2017 07:24PM  
Brent would be good for a layover. Some decent sites there too. That's a pretty aggressive route btw. Lots of travelling and rocks
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05/09/2017 08:17PM  
That's a lot of ground to cover! You have the time to cover it if everyone is enjoying themselves, but you might consider having some shorter options if weather is tough or if the group wants to take it slower.

I've only been on about 1/3 of those lakes, but I wasn't the biggest fan of Agnes (big, wide and long, and we didn't have very good fishing while we were there). Granted, we were using it as a travel lake to get to Kawnipi, so we might have just wanted to be to Kawnipi already!

We struggled a bit on Brent as well, but it has a great fishing reputation and there's an endless amount of good water to cover, and it's an attractive lake with a number of good campsites spread throughout the lake. Definitely worth spending some time there.

I'm assuming you'll paddle through Kahshapiwi between Keefer and Sarah. Personally, that's one of my favorite lakes in Quetico. It has high cliffs for a lot of the lake and fantastically clear water with a bit of a blue hue to it. We had good fishing for walleye, smallmouth and lake trout in a lot of the lake. If you're going to take the effort to get to Kahsh, spend a night or two there!

If you're still considering other lakes, I'd rather go through Joyce/Marj/Burt than going down to Sarah and McIntyre. Joyce/Marj/Burt have a much more remote feel and are more scenic in my opinion. We just passed through Joyce, but it's a really inviting lake.

I can't speak to Darky and McAree. Our trip in mid June will be just south of there in Argo, Ted and Robinson.

Either way, you're passing through some great water in an awesome wilderness area. I bet you'll be back!
05/09/2017 08:49PM  
Awesome pictos at the south end of Darky, just north of the portage. Maybe the best in Q.
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05/09/2017 11:13PM  
quote Jackfish: "Awesome pictos at the south end of Darky, just north of the portage. Maybe the best in Q."

There are actually 2 picto locations on Darky/Darkwater. The portage being referenced here is the portage to Argo ... south end of the lake. The picto sites are on both east and west sides of the lake. The better of the two is on the east side and you will reach it (headed south) before you reach the second/west side site (which is not to distant from the portage).

Besides Darky, there are picto sites on Agnes, Trant and Kahshahpiwi (I list "Kash" because based on your list of lakes it is pretty much a given that you'd use Kash as a means of reaching Sarah.) I do have a question about Keffer because as far as I know, the "exit" portages out of Trant drop you off in Kash (not Keefer). BTW: if you are doing that portage, the picto site on Trant will be on your west side shortly after you enter the southern "third" of the lake ... very large campsite on the point opposite the southern part's entrance. From my count, there are more picto sites on Agnes than on any of the other lakes in Quecito (Quetico Lake is probably in 2nd place). It looks like you will be going through Silence over to Trant? There is a picto and the only known petroglyph site in Quetico on the west side just north of where you would head into Silence. (There are 2-3 picto sites in the southern part of the lake and several more further north and along the arm that heads north east.) You will likely find the portages headed from Silence to Trant relatively unused. My last time thru there, the trail was open but overgrown. The picto site on Kash is near the southern end of the lake (west side), south of where you'd enter the Tuck River to run over to Sarah.

Not much in the way of waterfalls along this route unless you are exiting to Bottle Portage from McAree. Rebecca Falls is nice, but you'll be missing the massive Curtain Falls on the east end of Iron Lake. If you are exiting via the Black Robe portage, you might opt for the exit taking you by McAree and Brewer Rapids instead, but there is really nothing particularly special about these flowages.

With the exception of Wicksteed, all the lakes you identified are deep enough to support Lakers. Wicksteed is a haven for smallies and pike (although walleye are also present). Every one of the lakes you've identified are very good or better for fishing most all of the species available. Of course, the lakes are not small and it may take a little effort to locate structure and depth where the fish are located.

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05/10/2017 09:02AM  
It sounds like you will be doing more traveling than fishing. Good luck on your trip!
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05/10/2017 10:30AM  
Thanks cburton103 for the information planning on bypassing Sarah and McIntyre and going through the lakes you mentioned over to Brent Lake after looking over the route.
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