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05/10/2017 09:38PM
Crew of 5 experienced guys planning 6 day mid-September trip out of prairie portage. Thinking of maybe going up border lakes around silver falls and back down man chain to moose lake.

A few questions to all. Any particular spots/campsites that would be good for a layover day? Should we expect to see much traffic on this route this time of the year?
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distinguished member (382)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/16/2017 09:11AM
I haven't done this loop but it's of interest to me for a future trip, so I figured I'd bump the thread for you. There's bound to be more than a few people around here who would have input!

I've been through Knife Lake before, and the whole lake is good for fishing for all species. It's a big, scenic border lake.

I've also been up the falls chain in early September of 2015. It's a really popular route, so you'll likely see some people on Cache Bay or Saganagons. After Silver Falls your chance of seeing people will drop until you get closer to the border around Carp Lake.

When I've researched this route Other Man and This Man lakes always held the most appeal for me based on fishing reports, chance of solitude and having some good campsites. The island sites on both of those lakes have good ratings.

Sounds like a great trip though! I'm hoping to make that loop within the next few years as well.
member (27)member
06/08/2017 03:51PM
We did that route late Sept. 2013- took the Jasper/Lilypad shortcut to Silver Falls. No human sightings from Ottertrack on back to Moose. Favorite campsite was on the east end of Bell, just around the corner from the portage. Great trip.
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06/21/2017 03:31PM
I just did Cache Bay to South and then back up the Man Chain to Cache Bay. I didn't see anyone from Wet to Sunday and then from Carp to Jasper. My favorite campsite was on the point in Blackstone. Unfortunely there were severe thunder storms the day I was there. Second favorite campsite was on Emerald in the south shore islands.
distinguished member (212)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/07/2017 05:41PM
I am launching 9/15 with a buddy of mine and plan to go up the Man Chain and loop back down after going through the Falls Chain.....what date are you going in? Route planned?
07/14/2017 11:01PM
Just got back from Emerald, That Man, No Man, Sheridan. We saw 1 group at a campsite the 1st day on Emerald. Then no one for 7 days on any of the lakes. This was the week ending on July 4th. A little outside our comfort level. It was a little more isolated than I felt comfortable with without a spot or satellite phone. We had pretty good luck fishing on every lake.
member (20)member
08/11/2017 09:58PM
Just got back from 6 days on That Man and This Man. Traffic was spotty. Went a couple of days and saw no one. Other days saw 4 or 5 groups. Would expect less in September. Personally I thought the camp sites were disappointing. We were a group of 4. Also, shorelines along all the Man lakes we visited are very steep at the water's edge which made for difficult entry & access. Portages out of Sheridan and Emerald were tough, very tough. Some were extremely steep for a bunch of 60 year old guys. Got our heart rate going even without carrying a canoe or pack on your back. On the brighter side, fishing was some of the best we've ever experienced.
08/13/2017 07:59PM
I feel better seeing someone else thought those portages were tough. I thought we were just being wieners. They aren't as tough a slog as I've read about on some Quetico portages, but my husband said he'd rather not have to go back through the Carp to Emerald portage again if there was another way out. The Emerald to That Man is crazy steep, but still not as obnoxious as that one. That Man to Sheridan just keeps throwing stuff at you. Not horrible, but whew. Glad it was over.
distinguished member(1245)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/20/2017 06:53PM
The campsite 1RG on the north side of Emerald is very nice. We chose that site for a layover day in 2014. The site noted next to it doesn't exist. The other site worth checking out is 1UC on Other Man Lake. We enjoyed this site as well. we had good smallmouth action near both sites.
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