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06/02/2017 02:10PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
I bought a few for last week's trip and they were head and shoulders above the usual clif bars I take. Banana nut bread was my favorite as a change of pace over the usual chocolate and peanut butter flavors.

It may have been a placebo effect, but I felt like they gave me a better boost than clif bars. I had one for breakfast on day 3 instead of oatmeal and then had one on two other days as an afternoon snack. I felt less hungry and more energetic each time.
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06/02/2017 03:11PM  
Hey, I didn't even know they had a Banana Nut Bread flavor - I'll have to give it a try. Besides the fact they taste good, I like that the MEAL bars are bigger/have more calories. Not surprising you felt less hungry and more energized - you were eating at least 50% more calories than a CLIF bar, and CLIF bars are bigger than the average bar!

They've got a couple of new flavors; looks like they replaced a couple old ones. I'll have to buy a variety pack.
06/02/2017 10:15PM  
Big fan of the banana nut bread. Something like 380ish calories compared to 250 for the same size clif bar. Totally worth the extra buck twenty five per bar. If coffee wasn't a morning ritual, i'd be happy to quit eating oatmeal altogether and do a Pro Bar instead.
06/03/2017 05:27AM  
I'm OK with my muesli (and coffee) for breakfast, but they do have an oatmeal bar :).
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06/06/2017 02:34PM  
I'll have to try them for taste. I was comparing different energy bars at the grocery store the other day for percentages of fats/carbs/protein and weight/size:

Cliff Bars have high percentage of protein, moderate carbs, and relatively low fat. 250cal each and 104cal/oz. $1.50/bar = $.06 per calorie.

Nature Valley XL bars are energy dense because of higher percentage of fats, lower carbs, and moderate protein. 280cal each and 133 cal/oz. $.63/bar = $.02 per calorie.

ProBars are similar in energy density because of higher percentages of fats, lower carbs, and fairly high protein. 380cal each and 126cal/oz. $1.59/bar = $.04 per calorie.

So I guess your bar nutrition depends on how you use them: high protein for rapid recovery, high carbs for instant energy, and higher fats for gradual sustained energy. These are all moderately energy dense. Some weight and cost differences.

Note: I was only looking at energy content (for voyagers challenge/sustained paddling) and did not consider fiber or other vitamins/minerals/ingredients that may be essential.
06/06/2017 04:25PM  
I think they all make different kinds of bars - energy bars, protein bars, etc. with different amounts of calories and macronutrients. I know Clif makes Clif Shots and Pro Bar may make an energy gel as well, if those are something you are looking for.
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