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06/28/2017 10:56AM  
New Trip Report posted by Solobob1

Trip Name: Solo trip with my dog Jake..

Entry Point: 29

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distinguished member(822)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/28/2017 02:24PM  
Great report. I hope that I never find myself as cold as you and Jake. I've been close but never to the point where my hands didn't work. Good thing you and Jake had each other and a warm wool blanket. I'm guessing there is a story that goes with that beautiful canoe. I'm a bit of a gram weenie, but I'd be curious to see a wannigan and tumpline in action someday. Thanks for sharing. Give Jake a little scratch behind his ears for me.
06/28/2017 03:22PM  
I really enjoyed your report and pictures! When your hands aren't working right, it's definitely time to warm up! Glad you and Jake eventually warmed up. That's an area I haven't visited yet, although I made a trip in Little Isabella to Quadga before the Pagami Fire and also went from Island River to Quadga before that and really enjoyed that nearby area. Thanks for posting.
06/28/2017 08:15PM  
Real nice report Bob. Jake looks to be an ideal canoe companion. Too bad about the bad weather. Luck of the draw I guess.

I'm curious about that herringbone shirt you wear. Is that wool also? I really love the old school style you use for your tripping. I had a favorite old wool shirt I used in the 80's and years ago I bought a pair of wool Australian Army pants from 1952. They are mint condition and I hope to wear them on a late fall trip sometime.

I also want to give you a link for a fantastic dog product company from New Zealand. They ship from a warehouse in the US so the rates aren't bad. I use a float jacket for my border collie from these guys and love the quality. Check out their coats for Jake. Not cheap but I'm sure it would last a long time. D-Fa Dogs

Thanks for the report and the pics were awesome.

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06/29/2017 09:42AM  
Hey Tom, Thanks for the link - I am interested in one of those coats, I appreciate it! My shirt is all wool, it is a pull over I use over my regular tripping shirt. It is longer and like a voyageur style. I like it as it will not melt if sparks get on it, it is warm when wet and is great to sleep in, but lose enough I can paddle and port without feeling restricted. I will try to remember where I got it - it has been a long time ago. I look a little strange in it, but I so rarely see other people, I do not really care - it is an excellent part of my kit.

Thanks again for the reply. I am looking at the Quetico for next year - might have to pick your brain this winter.

06/29/2017 10:50AM  
I think you'll enjoy the solitude and more natural camp areas of Quetico. It looks like D-fa dogs used a visla for their model. Really good company and you can follow them on Facebook if you're on there.
senior member (51)senior membersenior member
06/29/2017 07:06PM  
Great report way to push on.
That Wannigan looks heavy as hell. Much respect on hauling that.
Your dog is a real trooper.
06/29/2017 07:34PM  
What a great trip report! And with a Chestnut, wannigan, otter tail apaddle, and wool blanket - just have to say I LOVE your sense of style.
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06/30/2017 11:20AM  
Tom, I sent you an email, if you do not get it, please check your spam.

07/06/2017 01:57AM  
great story...thanks for paddling with dogs...
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12/04/2017 05:21PM  
"Soon a new front moved it ... ominous clouds for sure, looking like a skull staring down on the Forest."
Some fleeting moments are just like that out there. Enjoyed the read.
distinguished member(2143)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/05/2017 06:21PM  
I really enjoyed this report, and like the others, love your tripping style. Traditional gear, traditional canoe, Duluth pack, wanigan, wool shirts - way to rock the old school style.

The tire repair story is also awesome. I love hearing about people willing to go the extra mile for service and hope I can do the same in my own career.
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