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07/12/2017 10:57AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)

Are there any pictographs near EP 64?

I will be staying at Bearskin Lodge in August and am wondering if there are any pictographs that are reachable in a day trip either from East Bearskin Lake or by driving a short distance and putting in at another lake.

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07/12/2017 07:04PM  
None that I'm aware of.
07/13/2017 08:57AM  
There is supposedly a pictograph on Seagull Lake. I looked for it in my earlier days, still new to spotting them, but did not find it. The book "Magic on the rocks" has it indicated on a map.

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07/13/2017 01:27PM  
I have heard about pictographs on Seagull Lake on the palisades south of campsite #472.

On the Canadian side of Saganaga, there is a site on Cache Bay, north of campsite 1YR.
07/14/2017 10:51AM  
Thanks to those who chimed in. What I have noticed is that Seagull and Saganaga are both very large lakes.
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