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08/21/2017 08:31PM  
Hi folks.

Anyone have a "recipe" for Ova Easy breakfast burritos?

Just curious about portions of the eggs and any freeze dried veggies, meats and cheeses.

I'd like to order in bulk and package prior to the trip. Will be cooking for 5 hungry men.


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09/06/2017 02:10PM  
I think it's 2 TBSP crystals & 3 TBSP water = 1 egg. Just mix it up for the number of eggs you want and rehydrate your veggies/meat before mixing them up. Pour them into the pan to cook and spoon them into your tortilla with the cheese and hot sauce of your choice.

If there's 5 of you, you might buy the 4.5 oz package that's the equivalent of a dozen eggs. 1 of those packages for each morning that you want eggs. I eyeball the water. If it's too runny, it will cook off the excess liquid over the heat.
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